Will Mitt Romney go 3rd Party if Ron Paul wins?

November 23, 2011 11:11 AM ~  
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is that there is a tremendous Military Industrial Complex in this country and its effects on the election process are readily apparent. Last night's GOB debate on CNN made this abundantly clear as the hacks from the war policy institutes asked ridiculous questions like "Our loving overlords have stopped 41 terrorist attacks since 9/11 thanks to the Patriot Act..." etc. It was really just a sickening show.

Let's just say though, that Ron Paul is able to triumph over all of the money being thrown into this campaign by the defense contractors like Boeing, Haliburton, etc and win the Republican Nomination. From the polling in Iowa, it looks like he might take that caucus and be off to a good start, so it can happen. If Ron Paul does win Iowa, then New Hampshire, it will look to most people like he may indeed win the nomination. At that point some of the other candidates are sure to drop out, but Mitt Romney has the money to persist and he's shown the willingness to do that in 2008, and he's got the Neo-Con establishment behind him.

At that point, in a Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney primary season, you will have three distinct groups running for president:

  1. The Democratic Socialists will try to elect Barack Obama

  2. The Corporatist Neocons will try to elect Mitt Romney

  3. The every day, freedom loving American will try to elect Ron Paul

So let's say that Ron Paul triumphs over Mitt Romney and it becomes clear that he is going to be the Republican nominee. At that point, what will the Neocons do? They have plenty of money, they have plenty of policy institutes, and they have plenty of voters who are fooled to believing in them. Will they just give up? Will they support Obama? (The defense contractors already donate to both parties, by the way) Or, will Mitt Romney run as a third party?

Think about it, he has the backing and the money. He has the major media outlets - they've been cheering for him all along.

What will he call himself? Will he run as a Neoconservative? Will he run as a Tea Party candidate? Or will he simply run as an independent?

I think it would be a very interesting election season indeed if we had a three way run for President between Obama, Romney, and Paul.

PS - This is what Neocon refers to:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k9tkz2TESs]