Why Tea Party Voters Are Returning to Ron Paul

November 18, 2011 2:59 PM ~  
Why Tea Party Voters Are Returning to Ron Paul - Yahoo! News.

The various economic plans offered by Republican candidates propose some cuts to spending, and tea party members will think this is good move for the country. Gov. Mitt Romney's plan only cuts about $30 billion in the first year, and Rick Perry's plan proposes cuts of about $100 billion.

However, only one candidate for president offers a plan that seems to embody the heart and soul of the tea party caucus -- Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his Trillion Dollar plan. Logically, tea party members would back the plan that achieves a balanced budget most aggressively since a balanced budget is the Holy Grail of tea party members.

Paul's plan boldly cuts $1 trillion in the first year and returns America to a balanced budget in his first term as president. Even more astounding is that the budget cuts come from senseless government waste and federal government duplicity, like maintaining active military bases in foreign countries a half-century after the end of the war. Paul achieves a balanced budget in just three years while keeping the government's promise to those receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits.

The tea party members have always been mindfully focused on fiscal matters, and their gradual return to Paul's candidacy and spending plan is only beginning. If, or when, the time comes for Bachmann to withdrawal from the race, an endorsement of Paul's plan seems logical for the tea party Caucus chair; since she will need to maintain her fiscal validity with the tea party members in hopes of retaining their support in the future.