Why Rick Perry is Bad

August 22, 2011 8:22 PM ~  
Michael over at SNN has written a good piece about Rick Perry entitled "Why Rick Perry is bad for Southerners. Here's a clip from that piece:
Imagine if we considered Governor Perry’s weak performance on securing the Texas-Mexico border and enforcing existing immigration laws. There could be no more important issue than stopping our displacement. And what if we considered Perry’s failure to take a lead against Federal agents groping large numbers of travellers at Texas airports. On many issues the governor has failed our community. For all his States’ right talk, Perry has been quick to back down to the Feds and slow to take a stand for the interests of Texans.

via Why Rick Perry is bad for Southerners | Southern Nationalist Network

I would like to take this opportunity to expand a little bit about Mr. Perry. A few months ago, the Texas House passed a law that simply said federal agents had to follow the same laws as everyone else. This law was aimed at TSA agents, who in direct violation of the 4th Amendment are groping and molesting travelers around America, including Texas.

The Federal Government caught wind of this law, and threatened to shut down the air space of Texas if they tried to enforce the same laws on federal agents that apply to Texans. The Texas Senate then dropped the law. Bowing to pressure from Texans, Perry pulled a purely political maneuver and called up the bill for consideration by the special session, knowing that the votes to pass the bill weren't there and there were a large number of Senators that had already gone home.

A real leader and a real believer in liberty would have made sure that every single Senator was there and would have made sure that they had plenty of time in the session to not only pass the bill, but also come up with contingency plans for what to do if the feds actually followed through with a No Fly Zone for Texas.

It is ridiculous and unbelievable that the Republic has fallen to the point where Washington threatens no-fly-zones, but what is even more pathetic is that Rick Perry is considered a "top-tier" candidate when he sold out the people of his state as Governor.