My thoughts on the slaughter of Clemson by FSU

October 20, 2013 7:41 PM ~  
Last night was just plain embarrassing. Our defense looked soft, but honestly it wasn't their fault. Our offense just flat out handed that ballgame to FSU in the first quarter, and didn't do anything the rest of the game to make up for it.

How could this happen? Well we don't have much of a running game and we rely pretty much 100% on Tajh Boyd. So if he's off a little bit, and we're playing the #5 team in the country.... well there you go.

I'm not happy with the way the defense played but let's be honest with ourselves: we're not a defense-minded, shut the other team down kind of football team. We play football like a fast-break offense basketball team: we try to run the other team to death, score lots of points, and tire the opposition out. Our defense isn't meant to dominate and shut down other teams, just to slow them down enough that our offense can outscore them. Our offense spotted the FSU 14 points to start the game, so the defense gets a pass. The defense responded and got us some pretty good field position actually, but the offense totally squandered it.

I think this all comes back to our offensive style and the architecture of the entire team. FSU played physical offense and physical defense. There was no trickery, they put the fullback in there and ran on us at will. No fancy formations, no reverses, no gimmicks. That's how you play football and dominate, and that's just not what we do.

Games like last night are why I just can't get excited about Clemson Football any more. I used to write more about it, but my hopes have been crushed for years by Tommy Bowden and now Tommy 2.0 (Dabo Swinney). So long as we have this bitch mindset of trickery and gimmickery on offense, we're going to suffer losses like this the first time we face a strong defense. So every year that we start out great and our offense racks up big stats against crappy teams, everyone else that is a Clemson fan is just giddy as can be, and here I am the sour-puss, trying to talk some sense into them. I guess the positive is that I'm not really that devastated from last night... I pretty much expected it.

Hopefully one day Clemson will hire a real coach and stop all of this bullshit. There is no school in the ACC that should be able to out-recruit Clemson, no matter who the coach is, based on our school, environment, fan base, facilities, traditions, etc. We should dominate, and we would dominate if we just had a coach that taught good old fashioned football.