There ought to NOT be a Law

August 24, 2011 9:34 PM ~  
My biggest problem with people who refer to themselves as "conservatives" is that they often times are vocal critics of government programs because they believe those programs infringe on their liberty, but in the same breath they will outright demand that the government control other things because they believe they are just so important to society. For example, conservatives will rail against the Affordable Health Care law because it forces people to purchase insurance, but they will simultaneously support the prohibition of marijuana because they believe in the fairy tale of reefer madness and they think we have to have a law to keep us safe. This is the utmost in ignorance and hypocrisy.

I often try to reason with these people and I say that you either believe in an free society and a free market or you don't. Either you think peace and prosperity come from liberty or you think they come from government control, there is no middle ground. Today we find yet another example of this thanks to the folks at Freakonomics:
A new study released by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, from main author Debra Stulberg, surveys 1,144 ob-gyns (1,800 were initially approached) to see how many provide abortion services. Though legal, abortion is much harder to come by than one might expect: while 97% of ob-gyns reported having encountered women seeking an abortion, only 14% said they were willing to perform the service.

via Freakonomics ┬╗ Abortion Is Legal, but What Percentage of Ob-gyns Will Provide One?.

Clearly, abortion laws are having FAR LESS affect on the actual providers of abortions than general society and accepted morality. Only 14% of OB-GYN doctors actually will perform abortions. Statistically speaking, you have to figure that 50% believe that abortion should be legal, yet only about 1 in 9 will actually perform the act.

A rabid social conservative will immediately scream "But 14% is too high! That means babies are still being killed!" and I agree with that initial sentiment. However, they immediately jump to the conclusion that the way to stop this is to make a law that outlaws abortion. Why is it that we think we must rely on the government to make these things better? Why is it that people don't realize that their causes are much better served by doing things themselves instead of relying on the government for it?

The frustrating thing is that this is the exact same mindset the average liberal possesses. They see a poor kid in the street, and they say "there ought to be a law!" (We need to have a welfare program to pay for that kid.) They see a sick person who can't afford healthcare and they say "there ought to be a law!" They see a black person who doesn't have a job and they say "there ought to be a law!" They see an intelligent kid who can't pay for college and they say "there ought to be a law!"

There ought to NOT be a law! If you want to improve society in whatever way, then YOU should go and do something about it. Donate to a charity. Volunteer for a charity. Adopt a kid. Educate pregnant kids about the problems with Abortion. If there isn't a charity, start the damn charity! DO SOMETHING YOURSELF, don't point a gun at everyone else and make them do it for you, that's just lazy!

Conservatives need to learn this if they ever hope to restore this nation to its status of a shining city on the hill, of the free society that our founders envisioned. If they don't, and they keep demanding laws for the things they find repulsive, in the same way that liberals want laws for the things they find repulsive, the state will simply continue to grow, until it collapses and disorganized violent chaos follows.