The Kids Aren't Alright (on Wall Street)

October 26, 2011 8:47 AM ~  
I think a lot of the people in the Occupy Wall Street movement have legitimate complaints. Unfortunately a lot of them however are dyed in the wool socialists.

The problem is that the people who are rightfully angry about wall street stealing money from the every day person have no idea the real issue that they're mad about.

In other words, they sense something is wrong, they know the fat cats are getting away with murder, so they are outraged... then they hear someone talking about economic justice and they latch onto it, and go out into the world screaming the socialist mantra.

Wall Street truly is criminal in many cases as they are the direct beneficiary of the inflationary counterfeiting operation known as the Federal Reserve. Then recently in more direct means they have been able to create and sell derivatives backed by the full faith and credit of the United States knowing that they were in fact totally worthless. When the latest charade went bust, they said the entire economy would collapse unless they were bailed out, essentially holding us all hostage for ransom.

This is all not to mention the years and years of cronyism that has gone on between Wall Street and Washington, with all the regulations in place (millions of them) to harm competition and lock the big players in place, the income tax put in to stop the middle class from accumulating capital without going into debt, and all of the other evil machinations of the banker/government relationship.

Unfortunately those on OWS have no idea what I'm talking about and no idea that the real answer is the REMOVAL of government, not more government. Our public indoctrination system (school) is to blame, along with the lack of clear and concise principles from the opposition (Tea Party). As I have said many times, even at Tea Party meetings, the mantra of "Less government, less spending" isn't going to accomplish anything. Cheering "No Bailouts" without also cheering "End the Fed" isn't going to accomplish anything. You have to offer a clear alternative to the current mixed economy fuck up known as the "land of the free" (lol) in order to win the battle of ideas. OWS shows that we are losing.