Southern Slave Owners on North American Tour

July 6, 2011 8:39 AM ~  
Can you imagine if that were the headline in the newspapers and on TV? Even more shocking, could you imagine if the story then went on to tell of how the slave owners were greeted joyously in every town, given lavish gifts, taken on tours, etc?

Well that's what I think of when I see all of this news about the "Royal Tour." It disgusts me. Someone on TV this morning said that "just seeing those two having a good time brightened my morning." Is this the twilight zone?

The South is forever condemned because once upon a time, when the entire world was practicing slavery, about 1% of our population owned slaves, which were sold to them by traders from New England. But those plantation owners pale in comparison to the slavery participated in by the Royal Family. After all, they own an entire country!

I realize that the Royalty is now more symbolic than anything else, but so is the St. Andrew's Cross. What I don't get is how people just totally ignore the brutal history of the Royal Family and the fact that (especially during colonization) they owned, sold, slaughtered, and otherwise ruined people all over the world. Yet now when they have a marriage or go on a publicity tour everyone welcomes them like loyal subjects should.

I just don't get it.