Serving and Protecting the Shit out of You #4

August 8, 2013 10:48 AM ~  

Cops Enter Home Through Window, Shoot Two Dogs; Saw a Footprint on a Bucket While Looking For an Unidentified Suspect

How many dogs have to die before someone will stop these assholes?
[Cristina Moses] said she and her fiance [Travis Nicholas] were asleep when they heard a commotion and the dogs inside the bedroom with them started barking.

“I opened the door and there were six police officers pointing guns at me and flashlights, saying ‘Show me your hands. Get on the ground,’ ” Moses said.

“I went to the ground when they told me to and then they said, ‘Is there anybody else in the room?’ and Travis said ‘Yes, I am,’ and they put him on the ground, told him ‘Show me your hands. Show me your hands.’ ”

At that point, Moses and Nicholas said, officers pulled them onto the ground of the hallway, cuffing Nicholas, and placing their boots on the couple’s backs and arms.

“The cops threw Cristina on the ground, cussing,” Nicholas said. “It was obvious that I’m not armed because I’m in my boxers.”

The couple said that as they were lying on the ground, a deputy went back into the bedroom.

“And I’m in the doorway so I can see into the bedroom, and I see him shooting across the bed ... to my dogs that are on the opposite side of a queen-sized bed,” Moses said.

“I heard five shots go off. Around the third shot, I hopped up and I went ‘No stop. No.’ And he continued to fire a couple more shots after that,” she said.