Poetic Justice Strikes the Congressional Press Gallery

June 5, 2012 11:58 AM ~  
Saw this article today and I just couldn't pass it up: Erupting Urinal Soaks House Press Gallery
This splash came from an exploding urinal. More specifically, something suddenly broke in the piping of the third-floor urinal, and water began spewing from beneath the men’s room door.

As the water flowed, it first surrounded the Associated Press’s working area, then spread toward both ends of the gallery, which was occupied by fewer than usual reporters and staffers, because the House is out of session until Tuesday.
It couldn't have happened to a finer bunch of people. These "journalists" haven't done any journalism in the last 50 years, at least, and instead are simply spoonfed information by politicians and aides, which they then regurgitate for our consumption.

Look at the bright side though, media lackeys: it was just piss. Congress shits on the American people every day.