Patrick Henry was Right All Along

November 13, 2012 12:28 AM ~  
With all this recent talk of secession going around, due to the various petitions being circulated on, we are hearing the same old and tired arguments against state sovereignty. There are the expected arguments from the left:

  • "That's Racist!"

  • "This is just sore loser Republicans!"

  • "Bring back slavery!"

But those are all ridiculous and hold no merit. The most troubling thing that I have seen so far are the reactions from the so-called conservatives. Many of them are quoting Lincoln and other pro-empire historical figures with things like "For I love this Union and Liberty and I shall seek to preserve it blah blah blah..." which don't have any logical consistency but do sound nice and flowery and patriotic.

The argument breaks down to essentially this: "We must protect liberty under the constitution in an involuntary empire of formerly sovereign states."

As you can see, the logical consistency here is simply nonexistent.

In times like this I'm reminded of the amazing wisdom of one Patrick Henry, who had this to say about liberty and empire:
The American spirit has fled from hence: it has gone to regions where it has never been expected; it has gone to the people of France in search of a splendid government, a strong, energetic government. Shall we imitate the example of those nations who have gone from a simple to a splendid government? Are those nations more worthy of our imitation? What can make an adequate satisfaction to them for the loss they have suffered in attaining such a government--for the loss of their liberty? If we admit this consolidated government, it will be because we like a great, splendid one. Some way or other we must be a great and mighty empire; we must have an army, and a navy, and a number of things. When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different; liberty, sir, was then the primary object.

Patrick Henry was right.