Online retailers to start collecting sales taxes in California -

June 30, 2011 10:07 AM ~  
California passed a law that now requires to be unpaid tax collectors for the state. Commenting about the legislation was one of the large lobbying groups:
"You can't give one segment of retail a 10% discount every day. It's just not fair," said Bill Dombrowski, president of the California Retailers Assn., a major player in a coalition of large and small stores supporting the legislation.

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What a bunch of sheep. These are supposed to be moral businessmen who earn an honest living by offering goods to consumers, and here they are lobbying the government to impose taxes on others, instead of lobbying TO END TAXES!

They couch this in the language of "fairness" of course, overlooking the argument that, in not having any retail stores, doesn't use any of the city or state services that the tax would pay for. They don't use the police for security, they don't use the roads to bring customers to their store, and so on and so forth. So in reality, the brick & mortar lobby has just won a victory to stifle competition, namely from Amazon.

To counter this, Amazon has announced that they are terminating their affiliate program for any business in the state of California, meaning that 25,000 websites that used to earn an income from advertising Amazon products will now either close or relocate. While most of those websites were operated by individuals, some of them were successful small businesses with up to 75 employees who will now be looking for work.

Good for Amazon, but sadly this isn't going to change the situation much. I can't stand the government, but something I hate more is the slave mentality demonstrated by the other retailers. "Hey, that guy isn't getting whipped, and you gave me 10 lashes! You'd better give him 10 lashes!!!"