NoBudgetNoPay is a ruse! Wake up!

January 24, 2013 10:14 AM ~  
This is a message to the TEA Partying conservatives and libertarians out there who are against increasing the debt ceiling, for lowering spending, and against the ever-growing government in Washington:

The "No Budget No Pay" scheme that the Republicans in Congress are promoting is a ruse. It is a trick. They think you are stupid, and you will support them in this. Please do not fall for it. Let me explain....

The proposed plan is this: The members of the Senate will not get paid their salary so long as they don't pass a budget. That sounds simple enough, right? I mean you are Republicans so you probably own a business or at least manage people, so if they don't do their job, they don't get paid, easy enough! Caution: this is populist garbage!

First, let's be real for a second: do you think any of the Senators actually cares about their salary? Look at the incomes of these folks. Their real income comes from insider stock trading (investing in stocks, then making laws that positively affect those companies,) kickbacks, PACs, books, speeches, appearances, etc. They don't need or care about their Senate salary.

Second, the other half of this is that the GOP is going to suspend the debt ceiling until May 18th so that Obama will sign the bill into law. Remember, this is what Obama has wanted all along: an infinite debt ceiling. The GOP is going to give that to him for a few months, until May. The GOP is essentially surrendering the principle here, and saying that removing the debt ceiling is OK, for now. Meanwhile, Obama is saying that the debt ceiling serves no purpose and is just a way for the minority GOP to obstruct progress. So in a few months from now, when it's time to obey the debt ceiling again, Obama is going to have the upper hand. The GOP will be seen as "bringing back the debt ceiling" because they are mean, nasty racists who want to obstruct Obama's progress. They are giving the sanction of the victim here and it is horrible strategy.

Third, there are absolutely no spending or tax cuts in this bill, so the only thing our side "wins" is the symbolic gesture of withholding senate pay. Whoopdee freaking dooo!

And finally, the senate pay is only suspended, not cancelled. So after they bicker and debate this for several months, they will all get back pay for the duration of the suspension, so in the end they lose nothing. SO in the end, we get NOTHING out of this!!! The GOP gets to pretend like they fought back, all while giving Obama the infinite debt ceiling he wanted, not cutting spending, and not cutting taxes.

WAKE UP people! These supposed leaders in the GOP aren't really on your side! They are just as bad, if not worse, as the Democrats!!!