MSM Beating the War Drums on Syria

June 8, 2012 10:14 AM ~  
This week the news has been flooded with stories and images of a "massacre" in Syria. Supposedly, this awful government has slaughtered innocent people and they "must be stopped." The constant refrain from the so-called journalists is "we must do something." Immediately, with no investigation, no explanation, no evidence, nothing but propaganda, we are told that the Syrian government is atrocious and they are killing their own people and we have to go bomb some freedom into that country.

Are you falling for this again? Seriously? I know I'm not.

First of all, who is to say who killed those people? How do we know it was the Syrian military and not the "people's army?" How do we know this isn't simply covert ops by the "insurgents" themselves? Think about it: they don't have the equipment or the manpower to take over the country, but they do have the gullible international community, so they go in and shoot a bunch of people and then film it as if it were the Syrian army's doing.

I don't know if that is what happened, but neither do you, and neither does anyone in the media. Yet somehow we "Must" bomb freedom into Syria or else. How about we listen to someone who actually is Syrian:

Now, let's just pretend for a moment that the Syrian government actually did shell a town or village and that they actually did kill several civilians. The whole time this conflict has been going on, the Syrian government has claimed that there is a terrorist organization wreaking havoc in their country and that they are trying to fight a "War on Terror." Sound familiar? Now, how do we fight the "War on Terror" here in the good ol' USA? Well we fly unmanned drones all over the middle east and we drop bombs on suspected terrorists, without even positively identifying them first. In the mean time, we kill lots of innocent women and children. Just recently one of these incidents of "collateral damage" caused outrage in Afghanistan, and Nato responded: Oops, we killed 18 people

Please explain to me how our government can, with a straight face, condemn Syria for their tactics in their "war on terror" while we've indiscriminately killed thousands of civilians in our own "war on terror?" Is ours a real war and theirs isn't? How do you know?

In ours, we melt innocents on the other side of the planet, far from the view of the average American. So how do you know?

I don't know what's going on in Syria. I know a lot of people are dying, and I wish that wasn't the case. But our governments are trying to rush us into yet another war and feeding us the same bullshit narrative that they always do and I hope you folks can see through it. That is all.