Mixed Emotions on the Peach Bowl Win

January 2, 2013 1:18 PM ~  
I haven't written about Clemson Football much recently but I thought I'd do a quick piece on the Peach Bowl win Monday night since I think this is a pivotal moment in Clemson history. So, here we go:

First, a little background: I graduated from Clemson in 2001 and I've been a fan all my life. I don't like Dabo Swinney and I view him as an extension of the Tommy Bowden program, or Tommy 2.0. He's got more enthusiasm, but less experience, professionalism, and game management skills. That being said, I never liked Tommy Bowden either. There are two kinds of coaches: those that don't know football but recruit flashy players and try to out-talent other teams, and those that are football experts and can take any talent and mold it into a great football team. Think of it as Bobby Bowden vs Nick Saban. I prefer Nick Saban.

Next, I was very surprised by our defensive performance in the game. Our defense truly played the game of their lives. Hats off to them. At the same time, I felt like Les Miles out-Daboed Dabo, and got pass happy when they were having success running the ball. The third quarter was probably the worst example of coaching and game management I can imagine, where LSU had the lead, the momentum, and the running game, but for some reason abandoned it and sputtered out. I generally take the same view as this article over on Shakin' the Southland. Great individual efforts by Boyd and Hopkins, but our offensive coaching was sub-par. The defense did an amazing job though, and it's great that we eon.

Finally, I hate that this game has solidified Dabo's reputation as the "rising star" for Clemson football, meaning that he will be our coach for at least the next few years. I'm surprised a contract extension hasn't been signed already. I truly hope that we keep the players we need to keep (Boyd especially), we sign the defensive recruits we need to sign, and we have a spectacular season next year, including a BCS Bowl win. We'd better do it next year, because Morris is going to leave for a HC job, and possibly Venables as well. Then we'll be stuck with Dabo and the crapshoot of new coordinator hires.

Either way, we're in for an era of Bobby Bowden type football in Clemson, always trying to out-talent the other team while getting out-coached. Most people would be fine with that I guess, I mean FSU was dominant in the 90s. I must be weird though, 'cause it just makes me sick. Oh well, I'll enjoy the rare quality wins when they come, and just hope for the best for Clemson.