Meet the GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016

November 7, 2012 1:21 PM ~  
Marco Rubio.

I thought about putting together a detailed explanation of my reasoning but I lost the motivation to do so. Let me just summarize:

The GOP lost this election because they shunned the Ron Paul crowd and the Grass-roots. They insulted and cheated Ron Paul and his supporters during the entire primary process, they refused to seat his duly elected delegates at the RNC, and they also changed the rules at the RNC, despite not having the votes, to allow the national party to hand-pick all future delegates and remove the grass-roots from the convention.

That is why they lost. Despite GOP assumptions, the people they shunned were not willing to just bend over and take it up the rear and go and vote for Romney on election day. That's why he got less votes than McCain and lost to the worst president in US history.

The GOP does not realize this.

The GOP thinks that they lost demographically. They think they can insert a token minority and instantly capture that voting demographic, and win elections. They tried that with Sarah Palin to get the women vote. They are going to try that with Marco Rubio in 2016. (Also, he fits right in with the neoconservative establishment and their foreign and domestic policy.)

So, that's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. Rand Paul won't be it. Marco Rubio is the establishment chosen one, and no matter what happens in the primary, which is sure to start in a few months the way they've been going, Rubio will be the candidate.

Just for fun, I'll say he picks Sarah Palin as his running mate.