Lupe Fiasco has more Balls than Eddie Vedder

January 21, 2013 11:08 AM ~  
This is good to hear. Rapper Lupe Fiasco was performing at an inaugural concert when he decided to tell the truth about Obama's anti-peace militarism and foreign interventions. I wish more entertainers held this sort of principle. Most just talk bad about Republicans (rightly so, many times) and then are completely silent whenever a Democrat is in office. Not so with Lupe:
Although Fiasco was booked as the headliner for the StartUp RockOn concert in celebration of Obama's reelection, the 30-year-old Chicago rapper apparently had no plans to cheer the current administration. Instead, after taking the stage at The Hamilton in Washington, he reportedly announced that he didn't vote for the president in the 2012 election and spent more than 30 minutes performing an anti-war song.

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My personal favorite musical entertainment is Pearl Jam. I've been to about six Pearl Jam concerts over the years and I've listened to countless live albums. I think they're the best live rock band out there and I love when they cover older songs from bands like The Who. You can probably recognize the logo for this site as inspired by one of the most iconic Pearl Jam images, the Alive Stick-man.

During the 2000s, Eddie Vedder was a vocal critic of the growing police state and of the wars in the middle east. During their 2003 Tour I went and saw the show in Atlanta and that year Vedder was making a lot of news for his on-stage anti-Bush antics. At one show he had apparently put a George W plastic mask on a microphone stand and hit it with a guitar, I guess symbolizing beheading the president. During the Atlanta show, he brought 4 guys onto the stage who were wearing W plastic masks and he had them hold him up in the air as he was singing a song. He then proceeded to go on an anti-Bush and anti-war rant. It was more mild than some of the other shows, but it was clearly agitating a lot of folks in the audience.

Vedder continued doing this sort of thing the rest of that tour. It caused a lot of controversy and so he toned it down for the next few years but still took time out of each show to preach his anti-war message. Then in 2008 I saw Pearl Jam in Columbia and Vedder took the opportunity to not only deliver an anti-war message, but also to introduce a new song from his solo-album, an anti-war anthem called "No More":
I speak for a man who gave for this land
Took a bullet in the back for his pay
Spilled his blood in the dirt and the dust
He's back to say:

What he has seen is hard to believe
And it does no good to just pray
He asks of us to stand
And we must end this war today

With his mind, he's saying, "No more!"
With his heart, he's saying, "No more!"
With his life he's saying, "No more war!"

Unfortunately, since then I have not seen nor heard any anti-war anything from Eddie Vedder or any of the other members of Pearl Jam. I guess after the election in 2008, war became OK in their books. Warrantless wiretapping, Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, all of the things Vedder had been ranting about for 8 years must have suddenly switched from being the greatest of evil to, meh, no big deal. Ever since Obama was elected as the ruler of the US Military Empire, Vedder has had no problem with it.

I personally wasn't anti-war when Vedder started his ranting and raving in the 2000's, but I laughed at him and shrugged it off as just another lefty musician. My views on war and liberty began to shift in 2007 or so, and so I actually liked the "No More" song when he sang it. I had high hopes that he would continue on with his anti-war message until the US ended it's foreign aggressions and began to scale back the worldwide empire, but alas, it turns out Eddie Vedder is just another silly lefty that isn't anti-war, just anti-Republican. What a shame.