Get Ready for War with Iran

June 5, 2012 1:55 PM ~  
Well folks, the inevitable is almost here. The US government, in its infinite wisdom, is hell bent on starting a war with Iran. I'm sure many of you have already put two and two together, but I thought I'd take the time to explain how I reached this conclusion and maybe fill in some of the blanks.

First, the US government has admitted to creating the "Stuxnet" attack that was used against Iran and specifically targeted their nuclear facilities, and a recent New York times article has exposed the fact that Obama was aware of the virus and ordered its efforts to be accelerated:
Told it was unclear how much the Iranians knew about the code, and offered evidence that it was still causing havoc, Mr. Obama decided that the cyberattacks should proceed. In the following weeks, the Natanz plant was hit by a newer version of the computer worm, and then another after that. The last of that series of attacks, a few weeks after Stuxnet was detected around the world, temporarily took out nearly 1,000 of the 5,000 centrifuges Iran had spinning at the time to purify uranium.

This account of the American and Israeli effort to undermine the Iranian nuclear program is based on interviews over the past 18 months with current and former American, European and Israeli officials involved in the program, as well as a range of outside experts. None would allow their names to be used because the effort remains highly classified, and parts of it continue to this day.
Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran

Now you might say: "So what? Who cares about a computer virus?" Well, the Pentagon cares:
In part, the Pentagon intends its plan as a warning to potential adversaries of the consequences of attacking the U.S. in this way. "If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks," said a military official.
US classifies Cyberattack as act of war

Well it isn't clear if Stuxnet shut down Iran's power grid, but it obviously made an attempt to, and it shut down 1/5th of their power generation. Regardless, this clearly falls under the Pentagon's definition of an "act of war" and if the same exact thing had happened here in America, our government would use it as a justification for a retaliatory attack.

Long story short: by the government's own definition, they have already attacked Iran, and it was officially an act of war.

The next thing to consider is the package of sanctions that Obama signed into law at the beginning of the year and are about to take effect:
The sanctions target Iran's central bank, which the country uses to facilitate its oil trade. They subject any bank, company or government that does business with Iran's central bank to U.S. sanctions.

In effect, it forces people to choose between doing business with Iran and doing business with the United States.

The sanctions are slated to take full effect June 28, and a full embargo of Iranian oil from the European Union is set for July 1.
US Tightens Oil Sanctions in Iran

So, pretty soon here we are going to go into full-on oil embargo mode and block that entire economy's lifeline. This will surely lead to mass starvation as it has been proven time and again that sanctions don't affect the people in power, they affect the ordinary citizens. Think about what would happen if some other country were to block the importation of oil to America: the government has "strategic oil reserves," so they wouldn't be affected. Our gas prices would go up to about $50 a gallon though. The same is true in any other country, the government always insulates itself.

Also please remember: this is exactly the same way that the US government instigated war with Japan. Is Iran going to attack Pearl Harbor? I doubt it, but there's no way of knowing what exactly their retaliation is going to be. To be clear: the scoreboard for acts of war is currently USA: 1, Iran: 0. When this embargo goes into effect, it will be USA: 2, Iran: 0. I can't predict how or when Iran will lash out against this, but if they don't then I'm sure some act of violence will happen that Iran will quickly be blamed for. Or, even worse, one of Iran's trading partners might not take so kindly to all of this aggression, namely Russia or China. To be fair, Obama did say he wanted to be just like FDR, so instigating World War III is right in line with his ambitions.

Finally, let's simply acknowledge the obvious - the military is already preparing for the invasion of Iran:

Around 12,000 troops from more than 19 nations are wrapping up a massive military training drill in the Middle East. But for some of those servicemen, these exercises might be just the beginning of something much bigger to come.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are just a sampling of the many countries — along with European allies — that have been involved in the nearly month-long Eager Lion 2012 exercise expected to end this week. Although much of the drills have been kept under wraps, it isn’t a secret that these states have spent the last month cooperating together through mock combat drills and comprehensive training. Some sources overseas report, however, that as many as 3,000 troops aligned with US forces have conducted a simulated landing and attack on Iran, preparing America and its allies for a war that becomes more likely by the day.
US Troops run Iran Invasion War Games

Is any further evidence needed? The neocon dream of war with Iran is coming. If I had to guess, it will probably kick off right around June 28th, unless some sort of a delay comes on the sanctions. Do what you can to prepare yourselves and let's hope that China and Russia don't decide to get involved.

Until then, we can listen to some music to lighten the mood: