Free Irwin Schiff - Read The Federal Mafia

July 15, 2011 9:34 AM ~  
Irwin Schiff, also known as Peter Schiff's father, is rotting away in Federal prison now for the crime of not paying his income taxes. In other words, he refused to allow the government to rob him, so they threw him in jail. Do you need any more evidence that the government is nothing more than a glorified organized crime outfit?

Well if you do, go read "The Federal Mafia."
Irwin's graciously offering you this book for free because he's been banned from selling it since the government doesn't want you to learn what's in this book.  So enjoy!

When you read this book, you may want a vintage copy to read offline or to give as a gift to friends, so check Ebay and Amazon.  It's very likely to become a collector's item since it's the first book we know of, to be banned in America.

via Federal Mafia.