First Read - 2012: Perry vs. Romney - No Paul?

September 8, 2011 11:06 AM ~  
First Read - 2012: Perry vs. Romney - MSNBC

Is it any surprise that MSNBC is ignoring all of the other candidates in the Republican primary, especially Ron Paul?

Think about it.... as much as the left hates Republicans, they REALLY hate someone like Ron Paul, who believes in a free society and is actually consistent about it.

All of the Republicans get up there and say they support a free market and a free society, but then turn around and support drug prohibition, big government departments like the TSA, FAA, Homeland Security, etc. So if they get elected, they're not really a threat to the status quo, to the parasites who live off of government. Ron Paul is the only one who poses a real threat to the left.

So what they're doing is presenting two people who are basically Democrats as "right wing front runners": Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. The mainstream media desperately wants one of those two to win the primary, so that's all we're going to hear about. Mitt Romney invented Obamacare, and Rick Perry was the Texas campaign manager for Al Gore. Neither of those two present any threat whatsoever to the left, even if they did somehow beat Obama.