Did Lance Armstrong Give Himself Cancer?

January 18, 2013 9:29 AM ~  
So everybody is talking about Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah where he finally admitted to cheating all of those years when he was winning bicycle races. The argument usually consists of one side saying "so he cheated, so what? they all do. He's a hero for overcoming cancer!" and the other side saying "I don't care about that, he lied and he only won because he cheated."

It's not really an exciting debate, but to me it seems like everyone is overlooking one very simple, obvious fact: One of the side-effects of steroid use is an increased risk of testicular cancer. So isn't it possible, and even highly likely, that Armstrong was doping as early as high school (like many other high school athletes, where testing is nonexistent) and in fact "gave himself" cancer?

I mean I don't want to be a cruel person, but let's get real, if he doped while he was famous, maybe he doped in order to get famous, and that's how he got cancer to begin with.... so then his triumphant story of overcoming cancer is really just nothing but a cheater experiencing the side effects of his own cheating.

I don't know any of this to be true of course, and I'm not saying that he definitely did use steroids or anything like that. But look at the series of events leading up to his Tour de France wins, and tell me what conclusion you reach.