Could Ron Paul win California?

June 26, 2011 1:14 PM ~  
In every discussion of presidential politics there are always a few assumptions. Things like:

  • Medicare and Social Security are third rail topics

  • A campaigning president is a messiah who can fix all the world's problems

  • Third party candidates can't win

  • and so forth

One of these assumptions is that California is a blue state, so the Democrat who runs will always get those 55 electoral votes. But what if that wasn't necessarily true? Could you imagine waking up the day after the election and seeing this?

Most people would say that this can never happen. I'm not so sure. I actually think Ron Paul could do it. In fact, given President Obama's betrayal of the California voters on several key issues, I think Ron Paul should do it.

As someone who considers the Republicans just as bad as the Democrats, I'm not exactly thrilled to be considering how they could "win" the presidency, but I do believe that Ron Paul is the best of the political class because he has an actual voting record of limiting the government and fighting its growth. Having also just read his book "Liberty Defined," I think as president he would take the drastic steps that are necessary to restore a somewhat free society in this country.

The one nice thing about the US government is that an executive who actually wants to cut government can do so relatively easily. While it takes a somewhat difficult process to pass a new law, which might enable some new agency or government program, it takes much less for the president to cut the government, in certain areas. For example: the US military is engaged in four wars and has nearly a thousand bases around the world. As commander in chief, Ron Paul could cut that back instantly, bringing all the troops home and saving us trillions of dollars. Additionally, many of the Federal agencies are under the direction of the President, can (wrongly) create regulations, rules, fees, fines, etc without any legislation being passed. These agencies can be eliminated with a single order from the President. The EPA - gone. The DEA - gone. The ATF - gone. The DHS - gone, and so on and so forth.

Getting back to my original point: there are several key issues in California that would make Republicans look very attractive after a Democratic Messiah has failed to deliver on any of them. California very nearly passed a state referendum ending marijuana prohibition - polling suggested it would pass just a few days before the vote, and then President Obama's Department of Justice threatened the people of California stating that they would arrest and prosecute people regardless of the state law. They even went so far as to threaten to pull police department funding. A President Ron Paul would be much friendlier not only to a state's right to make its own laws, but also to ending drug prohibition. He would probably nix the DEA on his first day in office! With nearly 50% of the people of California on Ron Paul's side of this issue, it would be a huge vote grabber.

Next we have to consider the anti-war movement in California. Many of that state's voters have been vocal in their desire to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. San Francisco and other areas of the state made national news with their Anti-War protests. While much of this activity has (sadly) died down since Obama's election, the fact that he has failed on all accounts has at least diminished his voters' enthusiasm, and has potentially opened their minds to a new candidate. Some of the things Obama promised the anti-war crowd are:

  • Get out of Iraq

  • Get out of Afghanistan

  • Close Guantanamo bay

  • Stop torture

  • Stop aid to Israel

  • No new middle-eastern interventions

For those of you keeping score at home, he's 0 for 6. Ron Paul, on the other hand,  has a 100% anti-war voting record, and was the only Republican candidate out there in 2008 with the stones to actually stand up and say that maybe, just maybe, terrorists don't hate us "for our freedom," but because we've been meddling in their countries and propping up dictators for the last century! If you're anti-war in California, you'd have to vote Ron Paul.

Finally, while there are probably more issues I could talk about, we will close with Immigration. Ron Paul holds the idealistic libertarian view of immigration, and thinks that borders are an artificial construct of the state that serve to limit people's freedom. However, he sees that we cannot go from our current system to an open borders system any time soon, because of the inherent problems built into our government, along with the general lack of understanding of private property rights and other aspects of a free society. Therefore he has put together a plan for Immigration that makes more sense than anyone else's plan and is very attractive to the Hispanic population as well as any American who actually understands liberty. Here again President Obama has completely failed to do anything his voters wanted, and thus has presented an opportunity for the Republican party.

From an outsider's point of view, it seems like the impossible could actually be achieved in California. All that has to happen is for the party of old, retired medicare recipients to suddenly embrace liberty and a free society and nominate Ron Paul as their candidate, and then for the voters of California to suddenly wake up and realize that Democrats have been lying to them for the last 50 years. Hey, it can happen!