Bill Kristol Brags about Purge of GOP Dissenters

May 23, 2012 5:15 PM ~  

Bill Kristol is one of the key propagandists for the Neoconservative movement, who appears regularly on FOX News, CNN, and other state controlled media outlets. His main goal in life is to use the force and the power of the U.S. government, via the Republican party, to melt as many Muslims as he possibly can. Men, women, children, it doesn't matter. Terrorist, suspected-terrorist, just-looks-like-a-terrorist, it doesn't matter. "Kill them all, let God sort them out" is his motto.

He of course couches this in terms of protecting our "ally" Israel and their right to exist, while never missing the opportunity to encourage bombing and sanctioning any middle-eastern country that doesn't behave in exactly the way he prescribes. I put "ally" in quotes because the United States is currently not involved in any declared wars, and so we do not have any allies. I guess what the Neocons mean by "ally" is "puppet government" because that is how the US has been acting on the international stage (think: foreign aid, and conditions for receiving such aid.)

But I digress. Recently in a debate with JStreet's Ben-Ami, Kristol gloated over the expulsion from the Republican party of Buchananites, Paul supporters, and anyone else who doesn't toe the line for the Military Industrial Complex and never-ending foreign adventurism:
I think the good news is [Ron Paul] didn’t do well…I mean, the big story in the Republican Party over the last 30 years and I’m personally very happy about this as a Republican is first the eclipsing of I’d say the [George H.W.] Bush [Brent] Scowcroft [James] Baker traditional—it’s unfair to say-- hostility to Israel-- but lack of closeness and warmth for Israel … I say this as someone who served in the first Bush White House and has high regard for the first president Bush, but it was an Arabist, oldfashioned Republican Party, which was certainly very concerned about relations with Arab states that were not friendly with Israel and skeptical about the case for Israel. They have really been eclipsed by the Reagan George W. Bush McCain kind of tradition of a more sympathetic attitude toward Israel, greater support for Israel.

The other thing that for 20 years now that has been a worry for many of us on the Republican conservative side, was the rise of -- the return of the Pat Buchanan/Ron Paul type of hostility to Israel. The good news is that doesn’t have much support in the Republican Party or the presidential field or Congress…

I'd be happy if Ron Paul left and ran as a third party candidate. I was very happy when Pat Buchanan was allowed-- really encouraged I would say by George Bush and others [unintelligible name, possibly Tony Martin] in 1998 or 1999 to go off and run as a third party candidate. And he simply left the Republican Party. I'm happier to have a Republican Party without Pat Buchanan than with Pat Buchanan. But everyone’s got to make up their own mind about where they draw that line.
Link: Bill Kristol celebrates Republican Party purge.

Now to understand what is going on here, you have to realize that what Kristol means as "hostility to Israel" and "support for Israel" are different from reality. In fact he intentionally misrepresents these terms as a way to force the issue rather than have an honest debate (he has made a career out of this.) In reality, if a person believes that the U.S. should have a non-interventionist, free trade relationship with the rest of the world, then they are friendly to Israel, but this is described by Mr. Kristol as "hostility."

The converse is also true: if a person believes that the U.S. should control Israel through various mechanisms, tying the hands of their own self-defense, and that the U.S. should maintain an world-wide empire to ensure the "security" of Israel, at the expense of the American taxpayer and the millions of dead innocent civilians around the world, then this person is an enemy of Israel and very hostile towards them. However, Bill Kristol would say that this person was "friendly" to Israel and held the correct view on Foreign policy.

Honestly though that is all beside the point. The real point here is that Bill Kristol is happy to see the Republican Party driving voters away. He has observed the TEA Party and the Ron Paul Revolution and he has observed the election fraud, fraudulent conventions, and other mechanisms employed by the establishment GOP to drive voters away and this pleases him. Now, as a Republican himself, this would seem to be a very self-defeating position for little Billy to take. The general election is all about winning independents and crossover votes, and here he is cheering the departure, and the outright shunning, of a large amount of Republicans and the crossovers that they had managed to recruit. In fact he is cheering the departure of the only measurable group of crossovers and independents that exists this election season, as Mitt Romney has failed to inspire anyone to do anything other than hold their nose.

So, what is going on then? Well, in my view this is an example of Bill Kristol unintentionally revealing his Neoconservative true colors. Neocons are supporters of the welfare state, the warfare state, and deficit spending (Keynesianism). Neocons are Democrat and Republican, they are the mixture of socialists and fascists that Ayn Rand warned us about. Neocons care about neocons and their warped goals for humanity, not about political party and surely not about principle. Bill Kristol is basically saying that he would rather watch the Republican party destroy itself than to watch the Republican party entertain "crazy" ideas like non-interventionism. He's saying he'd rather have the devil he knows (Democrats) than the devil he doesn't know (Paulians.) Whether he knows it or not, he's saying he'd rather have Obama than a Republican ticket with any hint of anything other than Neoconservatives.

Long story short: this should serve as a lesson to Republican voters. Neoconservatives are evil, are antithetic to the founding principles of the United States (namely: liberty) and they will destroy this country if they have their way. If you don't want to see a stateless society like I do, then you'd better purge all of the Neocons from your ranks or you're going to watch the government collapse a lot faster than you think.

Personally I would love to see the Republican party turn 100% libertarian and adopt the founding principles of individual rights. At least then we could start making actual cuts to the government and then maybe even have a discussion about ending the government and living in a state-free society. A gradual transition like that would be much preferred to the oncoming fiscal collapse of the United States. We'll get Anarchy either way, but it's probably not going to be pretty thanks to folks like Bill Kristol.