Attention TEA Party: Ron Paul is your Best Bet

January 11, 2012 3:47 PM ~  
Mitt Romney has just accomplished something historic: he has won New Hampshire and Iowa. This is the first time a GOP candidate has done this since 1976. Mitt Romney has an unbelievable war-chest to spend on this race and he is backed by the most powerful of the insiders including Goldman Sachs and a long list of other bailout recipients. Mitt Romney is not a conservative, he supported the bailouts, and he is exactly what the TEA party set out to stop: a RINO who will do nothing to restore freedom and big spender that will set the Republican Party back yet again.

So to my fellow TEA partiers: you have to do something about this. Mitt Romney cannot win. Ron Paul is the answer.

Why am I so sure that Ron Paul is the man you need to rally behind? Well, let me count the ways:

1) The man is as TEA Party as TEA Party gets

The Campaign for Liberty and the Ron Paul Revolution have been marching on Washington and protesting big government since 2007, inspired by Ron Paul's presidential campaign. When the bailouts occurred in 2008, they set up more rallies and were joined by grass roots conservatives from many other groups. In 2009 the term "TEA Party" had coalesced all of these groups under one label (while they remained numerous and different in actuality) in the fight against Obamacare.

You stood arm in arm with the Ron Paul Supporters, whether you realize it or not. You pledged to throw all the bums out and get rid of RINOs and get back to the Constitution.

Stand with them again. Fulfill your promises. Respect the Constitution. Vote for Ron Paul. You must do it to save this country.

2) The man has a PLAN to restore America and Save Social Security

If you haven't read it already, you need to read the Plan to Restore America. This plan includes a real cut of $1 Trillion in year one, eliminating five federal bureaucracies. This plan gets serious on spending and the debt because guess what? We have to, right now!

The TEA Party marched and protested so the government would cut spending. Not reduce the growth of spending, but CUT spending. Well, here is your plan, get behind it or else you are exposing yourself as a hypocrite.

Lastly, this plan will save Social Security and Medicare. Ron Paul wants to allow people to opt out of those programs, that is true. However, he is fully committed to making sure that anyone who has paid into those programs gets their money back and receives what they were promised. He does this by cutting spending in other areas and balancing the budget in 3 years, ensuring the value of your savings and the promises that were made to you.

None of the other candidates have a plan to ensure Social Security and Medicare. They don't want to cut spending. The only thing they've proposed is that they increase spending a little bit less than Obama would increase spending. Guess what happens if we don't cut spending? Your social security checks become worthless as the government prints more and more money to cover the mountain of debt. Do Santorum or Perry or Gingrich have a plan to ensure the value of your savings and make sure Social Security remains solvent? NO. Get behind the one man with a plan.

3) The man will FIGHT for America

Pundits and Media types call Ron Paul "kooky" for his stance on foreign policy. What they won't tell you about is the fact that Ron Paul is 100% determined to protect this nation. Due to his Christian values, Ron Paul believes in the doctrine of Just War Theory, in that we have a right to defend ourselves and eliminate our enemies with just cause. This means that we will not have any arbitrary rules of engagement, set by the UN, that endanger our troops. This means that we will not have any international body telling Israel or us when we can defend ourselves. Under Ron Paul, we will declare war, we will wage war, and our troops will return to a hero's welcome, with sound mind and body.

He is also 100% determined to follow the Constitution. So if you are afraid of Ron Paul's foreign policy, you have a very simple way to deal with this: follow the Constitution. Pressure your representative or senator to declare war with Iran, or whatever other country you believe is a direct threat to our safety. If you do your job and make your congressman declare war, Ron Paul will unleash the full might of our military to get the job done and get home. That is what America used to do in war, and that is what Ron Paul will restore.

4) The man will be VERY effective in Washington

We've heard in recent weeks that Ron Paul hasn't passed many laws while in Congress, so he won't be effective as president. This comment shows a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution. Any person who feels they understand the balance of powers in the Constitution, such as TEA Party conservatives, should know that the president has a lot of power when they want to STOP the government and when they want to CUT spending.

You see, our current government does many things which are not properly passed by congress and are not authorized by the Constitution. Ron Paul can slash spending and regulations on day one without congressional approval simply by eliminating all of the executive orders and eliminating any of the regulations enacted by the many executive departments that aren't specifically called for by congress. Ron Paul can also drastically reduce our military spending by bringing the troops home from places like Japan and Germany. Why should we subsidize socialism by paying for their National Defense?

More importantly, think about the message we would be sending Washington by electing Ron Paul: we're damned serious about cutting spending and getting the government out of the way. If we send up Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Rick Perry or even... ugh... Mitt Romney, what does that say? "Well, we want you to cut spending, but there's no rush. You can micromanage the economy too, just be nice about it."

I don't think so!!! That's not the TEA Party message. If we elect Ron Paul, the members of congress will be put on notice, that their jobs are not secure, and that if they don't vote with us, their days are limited. This will help Ron Paul be VERY effective.

5) The man has a nationwide campaign structure and grassroots support

Ron Paul is the only candidate other than Mitt Romney that is actually on the ballot for all of the primaries. What does that tell you? Do you really think Perry or Newt or Huntsman are going to challenge Romney when their organization can't even get them on the ballot? Ron Paul raises more money than everyone else except Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul does it with small contributions from lots and lots of individuals. While Romney rakes in the lobbyist cash, Ron Paul rakes in the grassroots support.

Ron Paul is driven by hundreds of thousands of supporters around the nation who aren't political insiders, have never worked for campaigns, and aren't being paid by anyone. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama can't touch this. Just check out this map of Ron Paul meetups:

In addition to that, he dominates the internet and social media. He is generating about 50% of all internet traffic related to the GOP Primary campaign, and he has over 100,000 videos on Youtube posted by various random supporters. Check out this chart from Google Trends showing the amount of search traffic per candidate (these are unique searches - meaning it's not the same person searching over and over again):

6) The man is praised by TEA Party heroes


7) The man polls well against Barack Obama, and beats him with Independents

Ron Paul is currently neck and neck with Barack Obama according to Rasmussen. Also, Ron Paul beats Obama 47% to 40% amongst Independent voters, according to this CBS article.

We all know that you have to win the Independent vote to win the Presidency, and Ron Paul is the only one who stands a chance.


Santorum only gets 41% of independents vs Obama, and nobody else comes close.

and finally...

8) The man OWNS the future

In both the Iowa and New Hampshire exit polls, Ron Paul absolutely dominated the vote with the voters from age 18-30, getting about 50% each time. These are Republican voters who are serious about their country and are the future of the GOP. They realize that they face the very real possibility of the collapse of the country they love unless something is done RIGHT NOW to cut spending, balance the budget, and restore liberty to this land.

These voters have been dismissed by TEA Partiers and by talking heads and by GOP members. Think about what that means: if you don't bring in the young voters, you are going to destroy the party, and you're going to lose to Obama.


Ron Paul and the message of liberty own the future. Get on the bandwagon now, before its too late.

In Conclusion,

Ron Paul IS the man. Dump all of these conservative wannabes or get run over by the Mitt Machine. Do you want Mitt Romney to be your candidate? Do you want four more years of Obama?

I didn't think so. VOTE RON PAUL!!!